Christmas 2018 Community Challenge!

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It's time for the twelve days of Christmas! Part II of this challenge is open to anyone, and will consist of twelve daily challenges, starting Thursday December 13 and continuing through Christmas Eve. The night before each of the twelve days, I will post a unique challenge which begins at midnight and runs through 11:59PM the following day. Each challenge will have a gift card (or other prize) announced, and require trainers to submit a screenshot of that day's challenge. Challenges may include, but not limited to, largest/smallest CP of a specific pokemon caught that day, best AR shot at a unique location (winner voted on by me), most candy of a specific pokemon, etc. Winners will be announced the following morning. Trainers can enter as many, or as few, of the daily challenges as they choose. Thursday's challenge will be announced tomorrow (12/12) night, so stay tuned, and good luck trainers! MERRY CHRISTMAS!





It's been one year since our first Roanoke Valley Community Challenge, so what better time than to offer up another raid challenge with a chance for Christmas prizes! The date for this raid challenge will be DECEMBER 8! To recap, each participating trainer will receive a scorecard at the starting location (likely Transportation Museum) prior to the start window of 1:00 PM. For the next four hours, trainers must work together to take down rain bosses in Roanoke or Salem for each egg level. After catching, record your CP as caught on the scorecard, have it verified by another trainer at the raid, and look for the next available raid to continue! Multiple raids of each egg level can be completed, with the final score consisting of the total of the highest CP for each of the five level (Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 3 + Level 4 + Level 5). If you choose not to challenge a specific level for a raid boss, or don't make the catch, a zero will be recorded for that specific level, and the sum of the remaining four levels will establish your final score. Prior to the 5:00 PM closing window, players will return to the Transportation Museum and submit scorecards for entry into the competition. Don't be late! We will need to verify your CP, Pokémon level, and Premier Ball from the 'Mon screen, so don't transfer!

Since this is the one year anniversary of our Community Challenges, this events prize pool will include $365 in gift cards! AND! As a Christmas Bonus, we will be offering four Christmas Gifts to be chosen by random drawing. Anyone turning in a scorecard, regardless of final score, will be eligible to enter a drawing for the following items:

   (1) Pikachu Fleece Beanie Cap
   (2) Pokémon Go Gotchas
   (1) Pokémon Let's Go Eevee! for Nintendo Switch 

Once the date is established by the poll, we will begin RSVPs in the Telegram thread. Trainers are encouraged to RSVP for this event to ensure a scorecard is prepared for each trainer. We should have a few extra scorecards for late comers, but RSVP is highly encouraged. If you don't have a team, don't worry! Single trainers will have plenty of opportunities to join up with a group at 1:00 PM in order to take down the level 4 and 5 raid bosses. Groups will be meeting up and breaking apart throughout the day, and we should have enough interest to ensure all trainers have the ability to complete a raid of each level.

A link to the Telegram Thread is posted below, along with the anticipated gift card prize pool. We look forward to seeing you there!

- Brian

Link to Telegram thread:

Anticipated Prize Pool:

-1st $100

-2nd $70

-3rd $50

-4th $40

-5th $30

-6th $20

-7th $15

-8th $10

-9th $10

-10th $10

consolation $10

Good luck and Merry Christmas!