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It's time again for a Roanoke Valley Community Challenge! July's event will be held on Saturday the 28th at 2:00 PM. As with April's challenge, this will be a BINGO challenge, but offer two different sets of prizes. Phase 1 should likely last 90 minutes or so, with Phase 2 running no later than 6:00 PM. If you can't commit to the full four hours, feel free to join for the first phase!

Setup will be the same as April - a unique scorecard for each individual trainer. I'll use a random list of variables to create unique Bingo cards, with 25 squares of small challenges for each trainer to complete. Some may be easy (catch a pidgey, rattata), some harder (catch a Gen 1 starter, castform), and some needing teamwork (take down and catch a Mawile, Ttar, or Level 5 raid boss). Sign up, and I'll hand out a random card from the stack for each trainer before the start time. Phase 1 goal is to get Bingo - five in a row, column, or diagonal the quickest. First to post Bingo in the Telegram thread with a screenshot of their card (Pokemon would have to be confirmed by me - don't transfer anything until I've confirmed the winners!) Phase 2 will then continue with a blackout Bingo challenge. Continue checking off squares on your Bingo cards and attempt to "blackout" the card by completing all 25 squares! If Phase 2 isn't completed by 6:00 PM, the remaining prizes will be distributed to the players with the highest number of completed squares, with the earliest turn-ins before the 6PM deadline. No late entries will be accepted. Again, don't transfer any of your challenges or delete screenshots, as they will need to be confirmed by me at turn-in.

Registration is free, and now open in the Telegram channel - I'll need a count before noon on Thursday July 26 to ensure we have enough Bingo cards. A few extras will be printed to accommodate late comers on a first-come, first serve basis. Check in will occur between 1:30-2:00 PM at the Transportation Museum, will Phase 2 closing out at 6:00 PM, same location.

Community Events


Phase 1:

First Place - $70 - MattasticUSUM - 0:16

Second Place - $50 - ElOsoBlanco - 0:27

Third Place - $20 - Julesandamelia - 0:32

Fourth Place - $10 - DangerousSeeker - 0:34

Fifth Place - $10 - Mizylla - 0:42

Phase 2:

First Place - $70 - Mizylla - 2:09

Second Place - $50 - Dangerous Seeker - 2:41

Third Place - $20 - lotsokids11 - 3:38

Fourth Place - $10 - Julesandamelia - 3:58

Fifth Place - $10 - saraewhite - 4:01

Bonus Challenge - Best AR Shot - $10 - RainaCP

Thanks, and good luck trainers!