Project Gym Time

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This page will detail how to strategically find points of interest to increase the number of gyms in our area.

  1. Download this text file to your phone or computer.
  2. Visit
  3. Click the gear icon on the right Gear.png
  4. Import the GymTime.txt settings Import.png

This will show all the gyms and pokestops, along with the S2 cells for pokestop and gym placement.

  • Each blue square can hold one pokestop or gym
  • The number of objects (gym / stop) in a green square determine the number of gyms
    • 0-1 objects = 0 gyms
    • 2-5 objects = 1 gym
    • 6-19 objects = 2 gyms
    • 20-26 objects = 3 gyms
  • The below example screenshot is of the Painted Pig. If we can find one more point of interest in the green square, the Painted Pig will become a gym. It is that easy.


  • Here is another example. This square has one stop in it, the Salem golf course. If we can find one more point if interest in the green square, the golf course will become a gym.