Special circumstances for Gyms

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Salem RC Airport- DO NOT RAID

Salem Academy Street- DO NOT RAID

Gainsboro Neighborhood- Do not park in church parking lot

B&D Comics - Do not park in their parking lot

Virginia Heights Baptist Church - Do not park in co-op parking lot next to the church

All gyms in Evergreen Burial Park (Fern Cliff Abbey, Evergreen Burial Entrance, Fishwick Cube Memorial, Berkley Cross Memorial, McCamite Memorial) – Do not park in the grass, or on the roads at the entrance/exits

Hill Street Baptist- Do not park in the church parking lot

Harkraider Park- Do not park at Roanoke Valley Speech & Hearing center, park in the CVS parking lot across the street

Norfolk & Western Locomotive- Do not park in upper parking lot, or at the fence

2nd Street Crossing- Do not park in residential parking spots

Fairview Cemetery- Do not park on the grounds

Slate Hill Baptist Church- Do not park in the church parking lot, park across the street in the dirt circle